What size jar are you brewing in? I use half-gallon Mason jars and the scobies are VERY thick as well. I'll put some out in a ziploc bag on the porch table for you. We're at 1218 James Rifle Court NE. THANK YOU for helping me reclaim my counter!

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  On Sun, Dec 1, 2019 at 10:52 AM, Theresa Schlenz<avila.editing@gmail.com> wrote: Me please!!! In years of brewing I just had my first disaster and had to throw out 2 gallons. Time to start from scratch! I’d love a couple so I can get both jars going again. I’m in your neighborhood and can pop over this afternoon around 2:30. Thanks!
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So. Many. Scobies. Please help! Located near Balls Bluff Elementary. Please indicate day & approximate time of pick-up so I don't have to leave anything outdoors too long.
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