raw meat/scraps (Baton Rouge)

hunters, help me out!!

I’m searching for raw meat, unwanted scraps, meaty mines, organs and/or whole prey to feed my dog, Koa. He has a sensitive stomach and that’s why I feed him raw. This means I do not feed my dog kibble anymore.

Just hunted and have scraps that you won’t/don’t eat? Great!! I’ll gladly take them off your hands! Just cleaned your freezer out and have old meat that you dont want? Great!

must be RAW, uncooked, unsmoked, not boiled, non flavored
(Will add more if needed)

things that are okay
old meats that were already frozen
Freezer clean outs
scraps (organs, bones, feet, etc that you won’t eat)
Whole prey
(Will add more if I think of more)

I will refuse if:
It is rotten meat
You found the animal already dead ***will refuse due to not knowing how or why it died***
It’s been frozen for more than 2 years!
(will add more if needed)
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