7-1/2' artificial christlmas tree (76180)

As the label pic indicates, this tree has 950 lights. Have had this tree for several years, but when we pulled it out of storage yesterday, found most of the lights would not come on (see other pic). My wife does not want to mess with stringing strands of lights. I have replaced burned-out bulbs in many light strands over the years, so I tried to troubleshoot the lights on this tree. However, the wires are so tightly wound throughout the branches, I gave up. This is still a very good looking tree, but I am convinced one will have to use strand lights. Since I checked "fair offer policy", tell me why you deserve to get the tree. Let me know if you have kiddos at home. And remember, no fibbing. Santa will know. I do not like no-shows and will give it to the next person. Provide your text #. Jim

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