Dell laptop Inspiron 1525 (Drayton OX14)

Dell laptop loaded with Linux Mint (Free operating system, this computer doesn't have Windows installed, has Vista product license sticker on it). 4Gb RAM, 128GB hard disk.

Comes with mains adapter and has some (not a lot) of battery life - it reckons on under 2 hours doing 'nothing' but I've not tested it's rundown time. Has working wifi, has a network connector (not tested this) and a lot of other connectors, have a look at the Dell site to see what else it comes with, A bit worn, a few marks on the case but the lid hinges are fine and the screen is fine

Great for surfing / email / music / has Libre Office on it so it can 'do' word processing and spreadsheets, can read Microsoft Office format files, can write them too.

Obviously not something I can leave out in the rain, so evenings only collection is possible!

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