Food (4100 South 4800 West)

Take some or all.

* Oranges
* Broccoli (florets, fresh in bag in fridge)
* Celery (in bags in the fridge)
* 1 Zucchini
* 1 carton 2% milk
* Red onions
* Fresh pineapples (several)
* Brown potatoes
* Green apples (lots)
* Fresh cranberries (lots)
* 1 package romaine lettuce
* Peach fruit cups (lots)
* Cans of mixed vegetables
* Cans of corn
* Cans of garbanzo beans

For those of you who think this may be too good to be true:

I get food once a week from a food bank drop-off. When they give it out
they don't let you decline anything - you either get all of it or none. I
always end up with more food than my family can use and sometimes some
stuff I don't know how to cook.

I absolutely hate throwing perfectly good food away, so I'm offering it
here :)

And if you just want info about the food bank drop-off so you can go too,
just ask me! No paperwork or ID required - you just show up and they give
you tons of food.
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