Journalism Study Books (Edlesborough LU6)

8 Journalism degree study related books:

Journalism & Free Speech - John Steel ISBN: 978-0-415-49326-0
The Broadcast Journalism Handbook - Gary Hudson & Sarah Rowlands ISBN:978-1-4082-4521-7
The Cell Phone - Heather A Horst & Daniel Miller ISBN:978-1-84520-401-3
The Ethical Journalist - Tony Harcup ISBN:978-1-4129-1897-8
The Universal Journalist (4th Edition) - David Randall ISBN:978-0-7453-3076-1
Alternative Journalism - Chris Atton & James F Hamilton ISBN:978-1-4129-4703-9
Journalism Principles & Practice (2nd Edition) - Tony Harcup ISBN:978-1-8478-7250-0
McNae's Essential Law for Journalists - Mark Hanna & Mike Dodd ISBN:978-0-1996-0869-0

Would like them to go to a student studying this topic or to a College/Uni library.

Happy for them to go together or separately.

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