Fitted wardrobes (Neville's Cross DH1)

We want to dispose of a set of two fitted wardrobes, chest of 3 drawers and overhead cupboard (pictured with dimensions). Total width is 280cm, please note the height is 243cm and the depth 60cm without doors (the units go right up to the ceiling behind the decorative edge pictured). Colour is pale grey. One wardrobe has a hanging rail and two shelves, the other has a hanging rail and three shelves, with a second rail available too (we took it out to put in extra shelves as we didn't need the hanging space).

I've dismantled the wardrobes and labelled up the various bits, but there are no proper assembly instructions. You'll need at least two people to put them back together and will almost certainly need a van to transport them.

Happy to split up if you don't want every bit, but bear in mind the units will have holes where they are currently joined together.

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