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How do. I have up for offer a jacket, a trio of snow boots, some winter hats and I'm sure a few other things but I’m having a brain 💨 fart right and I can’t remember what they were but no worries , it’ll come later, so on to the list! 1. Denim baseball jacket- medium wash denim jacket with a red lining and banded cuff and hem. Perfect for late spring/early summer. It’s in perfect condition but the banded hem made me look like I have a third tookus/bum/seat warmer/rear end/money maker etc. In excellent shape, it has a red lining with an interior pocket. 2. Three pairs of snow boots- 1.This is a faux (as in not even close)ugg pair of grey cable knit boots. Knit interior. Kute as all get out. 2. Brown faux suede mid calf boots- chocolate brown fur trim that goes down to yer toes and and a silver/brown toggle feature on the side. 3. Black mid calf snow boots- not ugly but not cute either but very functional cuz who wants boots that are both almost ugly and lets the snow come in. Fur lining all the way to your toes. 4. Wool berets- almost every freaking freezer color out there and I swear I had a orange one but I can’t find it. There is a pink, beige, red, black, Kelly green, etc. for you to warm your noggin. Then there are the cloches in white, red, blue and a few more colors 5.Remember the once nerdy faux leather ugly hats that had side-flacks and a chin strap that we used to torture the Uber nerdy kid who was unfortunate enuf to be wearing it? Well this is the hip east village version of it. Black and white herringbone, fur lined with a tiny fur lined pocket on the side of it. Very cute but I can’t bring myself to wear it. The tag is still on It. TAKE IT, take it my friend and give it the cool effect it deserves. 6. A brown cotton wool hat with a brim and a knitted wool cap with knitted brim and knitted strap and button feature. These are cute but my head is too big for it even though I tried the solution the hat seller suggested which was to Saran Wrap my entire head every other day. And to only poke a hole in one nostril. All that I got out of doing that to have one nostril be booger free. Whelp I still can’t remember the last item so I will have to post it when I remember what the hecken it was. Now all of the head toppers have cat hair on them. I will try to de-hair them the best I can and put the hair BACK on the cats but I can’t promise you anything. When my washing machine worked I would have just chucked them in there. Nowadays if I don’t see toe jam in my socks I’m using them for another day. I am 4 blocks from the 145th St. #1 Broadway local train. I am on the 5th floor but there are only 4 flights. Bring bags, bring bags dagnabbitt ( bugs bunny and Yosemite Sam were always my favorite)even though I never knew why they let Bugs run around naked all the time ( well not when he was dressed up like a wimmen trying to woo Yosemite) but I digress- Bring bags cuz I will never lend out my bags cuz ya’ll never bring ‘em back. POLITENESS as always counts but if can’t say “please” or “thank you “ then you have just make my choosing easier. Be ready to haul whatever your taking from me by your self! (That means without me or especially my neighbors! They are not the hired help here!) Bring your cousin It, auntie Sassafras, a goat, your next door Pookie or his GF who is wearing rainbow colored pig tails with gold glitter on the end and dyed her armpit hair too. And is wearing gold glitter pants with a gold colored halter top. In the middle of winter. On second thought leave Beyonce K (yes she changed her name to Beyoncé K) at home.. Bring a baby only if he is a strong kid like Bam Bam Rubble. (Yes he knows that he was adopted) Whelp that’s it for now. And I still don’t call people so why some of ya’ll insist on giving me your number is beyond me. We will work out a day/time that is fair for both of us, not just you. Please & Thank You. Oh yeah that’s a pic of my cats making out with this black velour blanket I got out of the closet. I’m gonna use it to black mail her very soon.

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