Cast Iron Pans-10031 (Hamilton Heights)

So since I don’t have any more sweet dogs to walk I’m giving up my cast iron pans. I carried these pans (just one at a time) when we would walk on Riverside Dr. I can’t bring myself to stab or physically fight an attacker so the pans became my weapon of choice. I mean what other object is a deterrent to EVERYONE?? You need batteries for a blade saw, you have to have prior training to use nunchucks and they can be expensive , a gun is illegal and the orange plastic rifles scare no one. But on this planet, in the USA what household object is universally known to cook delicious food and have a part time job as a weapon? FUn Fact-when a person gets arrested for battery with a iron cast skillet they are charged with attempted murder. NO one throws a skillet without meaning to do critical bodily harm or death. When grandma or old school mom breaks out her iron skillet ( the middle sized one, the little one is to throw at the pre teens in the family and you always need the big one for Sat.’s fish fry) you know that somebody is in for some serious brain damage and you don’t know what happened but you better get outta her way. But I digress. I always felt safe with these pans so I wanna pass these pans on to someone else in my pooches memory. I have washed (with kosher salt)and “seasoned” them. Now the info on line says that you should “bake” them for at least 1 hour after oiling them but my oven doesn’t work so I just “cooked”them on my regular burners. Then I oiled them. Well, I oiled them before and after. You can do whatever floats your boat. I mean if you throw a pan while it’s still hot that’s a definite electric chair since no one throws a cast iron skillet while it’s still hot without meaning to kill. That’s a fact.  If you come and get these make sure you can carry them and bring a strong bag. I am 4 blocks from the #1 local 145th St. train station. I am on the 5th floor of a walk up but there are only 4 flights. Politeness always counts but folks don’t listen but ya know what? It just makes the choosing easier so go on, be uncouth. We will both decide what is a good day and time for a pickup; not just you. Be ready to climb up and back down these steps on your own, I cannot help you. If you go on the train these days I recommend that you get a cast iron “holster” and if someone starts to act stupid just flash the pan like they do in a movie with a gun. These pans even deflect bullets. Anyhoo I’ve included pics for your perusal. Make my doggies proud and don’t be afraid to walk your pooches anymore. Oh yeah, I don’t call people. Ever. Stay warm!🥶

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