Girls clothes (Humble and or clear lake)

My cousin moved down from Florida after things went wrong with his 4 girls mom which lead him to full custody . Hes here in Humble with me and the 4 girls as well. They just started school here and i am asking for help with clothing , shoes, socks, panties, bras, , makeup, hair ties, blow dryer, sleeping bags, and anything a girl their age would need. Food donations would help too. He has 4: oldest is 11 wears a size small/medium top, shorts and pants size 10/12 in juniors and shoes size 7 but this one is a tom boy and only wears high top sneaker type or vans. The 2nd one is 10 and wears small / medium shirts , 8/10 shorts or pants, medium dresses and , size 7 shoes or boots ( not picky) The 3rd one is 9 and she is a small shirt, 7/8 short and pants, small dresss and size 5 shoe . The 4th girl is 8 and this one is the true little dress up queen, she loves dresses size 5/6 , shirts are a small and shorts / pants 6 and her shoe is a 4. Please of anyone can drop them off to the girls I'd greatly appreciate it, message me for the address. They are located in humble 77338 and I work down in clear lake area and can pick up there too.
Can you help with this request?
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