Baby clothes most stained (Montgomery and San Mateo)

Some 12-18m, 24 months/2t, and 3t boys clothes.
2 light infant blankets, a towel, a head cushion for car seat, swing, stroller, etc.
A few 12 month girl items.
Many items are stained, some only lightly, but all clothes are still functional and can be worn. The stains may come out with some stain stick spray. I have not tried to remove them. All have been sitting in my garage for some time and could use a wash.
There's an additional small plastic grocery bag of 0-18 month boy clothes with a couple of infant shoes in it. The person who gave me this must have had the stuff sitting in a really musty storage area because these items are in desperate need of a deep clean. I believe they're in good condition other than that though.

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