Souped-Up Scratching Post (V8X 1V2)

So I had this on CL for ages, put a lot of work into it, it's worth more than free but I'm apparently the only one who thinks so -- had tons of replies telling me the ad was funny though :/ can't move it so i guess it's free now!
I got this scratching post so my cat would stop scratching the carpet, but he didn't, so I figured it was too short, so I souped it up by adding a further 13" of cedar 4x4 (do you know how hard it is to drill down the center of a 4x4 lol) , and reinforced the base with 2" more of solid pine.
I also added a dangly thing on the top.

Guess what? He still doesn't scratch it after all that work. So I have to give it away. Well, now, it's totally kickass, way better than it was when I bought it.

Full height, not including dangly thingy (which is removable) is 34".

(I have also included a picture of my cat.)

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