FREE SEEDLINGS - deadline next Sunday noon.
    1. Viola tricolor, Johnny Jump Up
    2. Cerinthe purpurea -
    3. Linaria purpurea - despite the name, the flower isn't purple - it could be pink, lavender or white
    4. Impatiens balfouri -
    5. Tanacetum partenium aureum

Prepare before you come.
1. They're TINY. Most less than an inch in diameter and height. That means you'll have to treat a plant like the baby it is.
2. I know you're busy, but I'm busy too, too busy to describe the plants or the kind of care they need. So please, do some research so you know which species you want, how many you want, and how to care for it. .
3. Bring your own pot and soil. A 2" pot is best.

    1. Viola hederacea - this is a very drought tolerant Australian native - perhaps 4" in diameter. Only a few. Bring a larger pot and soil.
    2. Alocasia sp.
    3. Tiny (less than 1/2" diameter) bulbs of Amaryllis belladona 4. Bearded iris - I think it's blue and fragrant.
    5. Clivia miniata - it comes in at least 2 forms. Mine has tangerine colored flowers with white throats and narrow strap like leaves; the other form which has orange flowers and wider leaves. It'll take some work to dig them up, but you can have a lot.
    6. Choisya ternata 7. Helleborus I think the species is argutifolius,
    8. Ornithogalum caudatum 9. Zantedeschia (Calla lily)

        a. Euonymous fortunei - this is a variegated green and yellow shrub which is now 4' tall, prefers full sun.
        b. Vinca major variegata
Please prepare before you come. Bring pot - you'll need your own soil. I'll provide the digging tools
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