JVC 32" Old School TV w/ Remote (Kent easthill)

Old school TV with a great picture. Note that this TV is very heavy and one adult cant carry it by themselves.

The JVC AV-32D201 32-inch color TV comes equipped with a host of features that can turn ordinary TV viewing into a home theater experience. Picture enhancement features such as black-level expansion, a digital two-line comb filter, and Apacon circuitry enable the JVC AV-32D201 to produce sharp, color-true images. Audio enhancing features include Hyper Surround sound and dual front-firing, variable audio-output speakers that can be turned on or off from the TV menu. Hyper Surround processes any stereo audio signal by manipulating the phase relationships and frequency response for an authentic 3-D effect.

Convenient features of the JVC AV-32D201 include a universal remote control, a multifunction timer, auto clock set, closed caption, and AV Compu Link EX, which makes the TV the center of your home theater system. If you insert a disc into your DVD player, your receiver will select the proper EQ settings, surround mode, and volume, and the TV turns on automatically. Two sets of audio-video jacks allow you to hook up a video game system and a camcorder. The S-Video input keeps luminance and chrominance signals separate to take advantage of digital satellite, S-VHS, DVD, and other high-resolution video sources.


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