Batteries and Charger for Panasonic Lumix Cameras - Kaleen

i have a 240v charger and 5 batteries for panasonic lumix cameras.
the batteries will fit the following lumix.
cheers, neal

dmc-3d1, dmc-ls3, dmc-ls86, dmc-lz4, dmc-tz10

dmc-tz10k, dmc-tz10n, dmc-tz10r, dmc-tz10s,

dmc-tz18, dmc-tz18k, dmc-tz18s, dmc-tz19, dmc-tz20, dmc-tz20a,

dmc-tz20gn-k, dmc-tz20k, dmc-tz20n, dmc-tz20r, dmc-tz20s, dmc-tz20t

dmc-tz22, dmc-tz22a, dmc-tz22k, dmc-tz22r, dmc-tz22s, dmc-tz22t

dmc-tz25, dmc-tz25k, dmc-tz25r, dmc-tz25s, dmc-tz27, dmc-tz30

dmc-tz30k, dmc-tz30r, dmc-tz30s, dmc-tz30t, dmc-tz30w, dmc-tz35

dmc-tz35k, dmc-tz35s, dmc-tz6, dmc-tz65, dmc-tz6a, dmc-tz6k, dmc-tz6r

dmc-tz6s, dmc-tz7, dmc-tz7k, dmc-tz7s, dmc-tz8, dmc-tz9, dmc-zr1

dmc-zr1a, dmc-zr1gk, dmc-zr1k, dmc-zr1r, dmc-zr1s, dmc-zr1w

dmc-zr3, dmc-zr3a, dmc-zr3gk, dmc-zr3k, dmc-zr3n, dmc-zr3r, dmc-zr3s

dmc-zr3t, dmc-zs1, dmc-zs10, dmc-zs10a, dmc-zs10gk, dmc-zs10k

dmc-zs10n, dmc-zs10r, dmc-zs10s, dmc-zs10t, dmc-zs15, dmc-zs15k

dmc-zs15r, dmc-zs15s, dmc-zs19, dmc-zs19k, dmc-zs1a, dmc-zs1k

dmc-zs1r, dmc-zs1s, dmc-zs20,dmc-zs20k, dmc-zs20r, dmc-zs20s

dmc-zs20t, dmc-zs20w, dmc-zs25, dmc-zs25k, dmc-zs25s, dmc-zs3

dmc-zs3a, dmc-zs3k, dmc-zs3s, dmc-zs5, dmc-zs5gk, dmc-zs5k

dmc-zs5s, dmc-zs6, dmc-zs6k, dmc-zs7, dmc-zs7a, dmc-zs7gk, dmc-zs7k

dmc-zs7r, dmc-zs7s, dmc-zs8, dmc-zs8gk, dmc-zs8k, dmc-zs8s, dmc-zs9

dmc-zx1, dmc-zx1a, dmc-zx1k, dmc-zx1r, dmc-zx1s, dmc-zx1w, dmc-zx3

dmc-zx3a, dmc-zx3k, dmc-zx3n, dmc-zx3r, dmc-zx3s, dmc-zx3t

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