Various electronic bits and pieces (Eastville BS5)

Wireless audio visual sender and receiver. These could be used to send audio and/or video (from a satellite receiver for example) from one room to another so you can watch/listen in both rooms. The transmitter and receiver are not from the same manufacturer, but you may be able to make them work together. If you already have a transmitter/receiver pair which matches one of them it will give you more options.

Desktop computer fan 8cm square, three wire 12V DC controllable speed.

Wireless card for desktop computer.

Bullet connectors female to female. One bag of red and one of blue.

Two button PS2 mouse.

Bag of telephone extensions and other leads

Warming plate for mug which runs off USB socket - needs a lead with a small plug.

Photos available, you may take as many or as few items as you wish.
==Preference given to whoever can collect soonest.==
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