Double wardrobe with extended dressing table (Linden GL1)

I have been let down now by 2 Freeglers and I am getting a bit fed up with people saying they want this wardrobe and then just ignoring messages - please, please if you say you want it at least have the decency to communicate and arrange things properly.
Hi, I have a lovely double wardrobe to freegle today. Excuse the first 2 pictures with the bag over the mirror and the blue coat hiding the long mirror, but I do not like my picture taken and of course being mirrored I would have been in every picture!!!
So, pictures 1 & 2 show the size of the wardrobe, it had to be pictured in 2 shots. Picture 3 shows a chink of wood missing from the top of the dressing table bit, I just covered this piece with my jewellery holder and picture 4 shows at the top of the dressing table mirror a chink out of the wood, the piece of wood you can see can be glued in to look better I just placed the piece over so you can see it fits. Oh one other thing to mention one piece of wood covering the middle unit with the long mirror (where the coat is hanging) does have a long scratch on it, but it is internal so cannot be seen.
My husband and I just took this wardrobe down yesterday, so whoever wishes to have this lovely wardrobe will need to put it back together. All screws are in a bag together with the feet etc.
During these days of social distancing we will deliver the wardrobe to the freegler's house, we will leave it by the front door, knock on the door and get back into our car and wait for the freegler to open their door before we drive off.

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