old towels, blankets, sheets

The Humane Rescue Alliance is need of large towels, sheets, and blankets for the animals in their care. They do not need hand towels, cat beds, or pillowcases at this time, and they cannot accept "stuffed" items like fluffy comforters. These would be used items (please don't buy new ones!) and linens you're looking to rehome, including ones that have 'seen better days' -- they don't have be in on 'perfect shape' to have a second life of use at HRA!
I'm a foster for HRA and make trips down to the location accepting these items (Oglethorpe), so I'm looking for these items to take along with me to drop off this week. I'm happy to do a porch pickup, or you can drop them off on my porch (Q-section/Northridge) if you're in the area.
Thanks for considering!

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