Fold Down Dog Paddling Pool (Newquay TR8)

Hello, has anyone got a fold down dog paddling pool they no longer need please? It would be much appreciated for our little dog. Must be fold down and not hard plastic as we've not much room in our garden as we also have a toddler who also likes to play in the garden. Our dog also has bad legs so hard plastic will cause our dog to slip and injure himself as he can be very unsteady on his legs at times. The picture is just an example picture of what we are looking for so doesn't have to be the same. We've tried normal paddling pools but claws always pop / split the thin plastic hence the reason we are now looking for one made for dogs. Can collect from the Newquay area only. Thank you so much for your help.
Please send picture, measurements and location if you are able to help. Thank you.
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