Vinyl Records (Ilford, IG1)

Hi fellow Recyclers,

This is my second appeal for some Vinyl Records. To make my ad that bit more personal, I'm going to give you a little bit of a background story as to why I want your records.

To be honest, I'm completely tired of streaming services! The music I download never stays in one place. I have a lot of hip hop n r'n'b on CD, but I've always wanted the old skool Dancehall riddimd from the early 90s onwards.

I've only ever wanted them on Vinyl and have held out to get a record player (which I finally got for Christmas 2019.)

If you have records you no longer want, could you please give them to me? Maybe if you'd be so kind, I could come over and have a sift through?

Thanks in advance,

Can you help with this request?
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