Solid oak chest of drawers (Pendeen TR19)

6 drawers: 2 smallest at the top, then 3 medium-sized going down, then the largest at the base

120cm H x 100cm W x 42cm D

Please note: a while ago, a small pile of sawdust was seen in the topmost left-hand drawer, which suggests the presence of woodworm (most likely in the underside of the top of the chest) so the wood will need treating for woodworm before it is taken into your home.

Also: the wood absorbed some moisture from the room over winter, and the top of the chest has lifted away slightly from the base, at the back right-hand side (see last photo).

Also: the chest of drawers will need 2 people to carry it, as it is upstairs and needs carrying down the stairs. As I am unable to lift or carry anything heavy, you will need to bring someone with to help you carry it.

Collection only from Pendeen

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