3 Leatherleaf Viburnum Trees (Germantown)

Give away 3 Leatherleaf Viburnum Trees which I already chopped down to about 4ft high from the ground. You can take any or all.

Easy accessible to my backyard. You dig, you haul. However, it isn’t an easy job cuz they’re mature.

Pls save your time and mine, DO NOT contact me if you DON’T HAVE enough skilled manpower and adequate equipments to transplant them.

First pix taken from my bedroom, which shows thousands of beautiful white flowers blooming on 04/07/2020.

Last pix shows a Crepe Myrthle tree which I also chopped down. Yes, pruning or cutting the tree's base down to the ground to maintain its desirable shape, and will allow the tree to have a fresh start, and it will rapidly grow back healthy and strong.

Thanks in advance.
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