Vizio 32 inch Smart TV with broken screen Quincy & Simms

This is a weird offer. We had this 32 inch TV in my mom's bedroom for about a month. The TV was too "smart" for the TV system in place at the facility. We had to replace the TV with a "dumb" TV, but in the process of swapping them out, my brother dropped the smart TV against the chair seat and fractured the screen. I doubt the TV works, but I haven't tried.

It has been sitting in its original box since September in the garage.
Anyone need parts? Want to pull the parts? I saw a video that shows how that said you can generally get about $100 to $130 of parts out of a TV like this.
Visio D-Series 32" 1080p Full HD TV. The box says it has Chromecast built in. See photo of box front attached.
Please let me know if this interests you and you would like to have it.
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