Four computer peripherals

I’m going to recycle these items unless you have a use for them. Contact Thomas at the email address below, and I’ll leave on our porch in Midtown for pickup. I list them from newest to oldest, with photos at the end:

1. OWC 10-port USB-C dock — I believe the Gigabit Ethernet and miniDisplayPort are blown, but you’re welcome to it if you can use the others:

    • Perfect for USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 computers
    • (5) USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports (including one USB-C port)
    • (1) Front-facing SD card reader
    • (1) Combo audio in/out port
    • (1) Pass-through USB-C data / charging port
    • Up to 80W to charge the computer and power your devices

2. Belkin 7-port USV 2.0 Hub

3. Inland 2-port DVI KVM Switch (for switching between DVI and VGA external monitors… yah, it’s quite old!)

4. KDLINKS 4-port USB Hub (2.0? 1.0? It’s VERY old)





KDLINKS: Port #1 (not shown) is on the side

Thomas Atwood
2824 Louis Road
Palo Alto CA 94303


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