Two 1970-80s suitcases - Chatham (Lords Wood)

Two suitcases - I was about to bin them but then remembered that some people like to store things in the loft in suitcases etc and these would be great for that - I don't think so great for going on holiday with - lol

I remember we went to America and Spain way back then and think these came with us. But then I recently found them again - But do not need them :)

The smaller case does fit in to the larger one - And if you look at the photos they are not pristine items but they might be of some use to someone out there.... They definitely could do with a wipe down to the outsides... The one with the L mark on it had tape on it but when I removed the tape no hole arrived...

If they are of any use to you - Please feel free to let mr know when you could collect

Thank You

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