Mistake a Kitchen Kart 10031 (Hamilton Heights 10031)

So I "mistakenly" allowed 2 wonderful friends to give me an all wood kitchen kart. They asked me if I wanted the kart and even though I knew better I said yes.
My brain said "Noooooo!" but my mouth said "yes". Since I don't have a kitchen counter AT ALL it was something I desperately wanted. I actually thought that the kart would lose weight by the time my two friends got it to my front 5th floor door. I had hoped that the 2 feline freeloader's in my apt. would help me propel it down my apt. hallway to my tiny misnamed kitchen. ( It's really a room with a fridge in it and a stove that's been on strike for the last 30 yrs or so the cat tells me) I saw a post on Craigslist with a smaller kart and the same poster was giving away one of those gorgeous full sized kitchen islands I've always wanted. I sobbed uncontrollably while holding on to the large kart monstrosity sitting in my living room while I looked at those pics of the kitchen island of my dreams. The cat once again slapped me back to reality. (that cat has been watching too many soap operas)
Anyhoo, I realized that the kart was a fools dream especially since I can't get out the front door. I need the space to bring home other useless things. The measurements are 19 x 23 x 27h. You can tile over my tearstains on the top of this thing and sandpaper the gouged out finger marks on the legs. It's blonde wood with 2 wood slatted under shelves and wheels on one side.
Please come and take it away and relieve me from this one of many mistakes over estimating the true size of my apt. and so I could shut this cat up. She keeps hysterically laughing every time she looks at the kart and then at me.
Now please be patient with my getting back to you since I am still using another friends phone to do all that I do online. One person could possibly hoist this thing down 4 flights of steps but I recommend 2 people; if one person falls the other person could carry it the rest of the way down while I can an ambulance for you.
Politeness counts and no matter how desperate I am to get this thing outta my living room I will not converse with rude folks.
I am 4 blocks from the 145th St. train station on the #1local line.
I am on the 5 floor but there are only 4 flights.
We will both decide which day/time is good for both of us, not just you.
Excuse the Trader Joe bags on the kart in the pic ( if it comes out), the cats keep playing hop scotch in the bags and over the cart.
They're possessed.
Please and Thank Yu!
Oh yes;
I don't call people and you can't me.
UPDATE!-So here are some pics as requested and yes there lousy pics but the cat says whatta you want for free help.
I will of course remove all of the crap on the shelves. There are hooks for pots or pans on the other side of the cart and the whole thing is clean and you can stain it if you wish.
One person can carry it and I will watch you go down the 4 flights just in case you trip so that I can call 911 for you or 2 people can carry it and if both of you fall I will send the cat down who I have trained in some paramedic skills. Just know that licking you silly is part of the cats medical protocol.
So I hope that the pics moves someone to come and get it.
I still don't call people and you still can't make me.
Please & Thank You

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