Vax Power 5 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner + Accessories and Spares (Barnstaple EX31)

Clean, working machine with the following accessories and spare parts:

* Accessory hose (8 ft long) and telescopic extension tube
* Wheel cover (x2) - covers the post-motor filter which is located in the right wheel (you'd only need to replace the wheel cover if you accidentally broke the plastic securing lugs when attaching or removing it, but it's useful to have the spares just in case). N.B. These look different to the wheel cover currently on the unit, but the difference is cosmetic only; they will fit on.
* Pre-motor filter
* Post-motor filter (x2) - one could do with a wash, the other is completely unused
* Two tool attachments and holder - one for narrow spaces, one for dusty surfaces, cleaning between blinds, etc. I don't think they're Vax-manufactured parts, but they fit nevertheless.
* Owner's guide

The above are all in addition to the main unit, which itself comprises: hose (5 ft long) and telescopic tube, wheel cover, and pre-motor & post-motor filters.

Please note, the machine is fully functional but the suction is not as high as it should be. I’m offering it in case somebody only needs to do light vacuuming or if somebody more technically-minded than I am can examine the machine and increase the suction. Or somebody might just want the spares (although please be aware that I am offering the whole bundle together for collection – no cherry-picking of individual parts).

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