Steel Step Ladders (Ponteland NE20)

Anyone want a set of steel step ladders that fold out into a fairly long length ladder?
They're not lightweight and obviously sturdy, a little surface rust all over but nothing a coat of paint wouldn't fix.
Look closely at the images and you'll see two loose bars lying against the middle image of the steps, these need reattaching to the frame with four thin bolts, not supplied. This would bring the step-side rungs back to being double bar rungs that's all, as they broke away through use. Quite a basic but working locking system.
The holes are already drilled for the new bolts.
If interested, to be considered, leave a contact number, no number equals no consideration.
Now here comes the apparently tricky part.
Of the seven replies I received regarding these free ladders, six couldn't be bothered to read the bit about no contact number meaning you won't be considered and the last one left a number then failed to answer any of the six times of my calling it.
These replies will be ignored if sent again, I suggest you save your energy.
If new responders wish to be considered, please remember the above, it's a harsh world of learning otherwise, as I'm tired of being messed about.
Good luck.

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