Model Train track layout and board (Eastcote HA6)

Great to complement model train set for Christmas 😀
179 cm X 120.5cm(71.5 inches x 47.75 inches)
Paper track layout pinned and taped to wooden backing board

Just to be clear, (1) this is a large sheet of paper on which there has been printed train tracks and landscaping, and which I attached to a wooden board: it is not the actual tracks that you can run your electric or other trains on. The idea is that you put your tracks on top of the route shown on the sheet of paper, and it looks nicer than on a bare wooden board. There are also places where engine sheds and other buildings are pictured on the sheet of paper, and you either use your imagination or you can cover with model buildings you buy, or make out of Lego, wood or whatever; (2) I would prefer to dispose of the board with the layout, and if the layout is removed from the board there is some risk of it disintegrating: however you will need a sizeable estate car, roof rack or van to transport a 179x121cm board
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