TP climbing frame and slide (Morningside EH10)

.... Relisting as previous efforts at giving away have fallen-through.

This is a big TP Climbing Frame and slide - my kids had a great time, but they're now older so more interested in carousing and moping. Therefore, it needs a new home.

It's about 10 years old, so has a few bends and marks, but is still solid.

It's got a big blue slide, a platform, a dangling thing and a swing (that I think came off another climbing frame).

It's in our back garden and won't fit down the access path, so it really does need dismantling. I was going to take it apart myself, but I figure that the best way of learning how it goes together is for you to take it apart(!) I have the instructions and also several replacement bolts/nuts.

Someone is in most days, so we can arrange a dismantling/exchange pretty much any time. I strongly recommend waiting until it has been dry for a couple of days.

Note - I've had a few goes at giving this away and they've fallen through, so if you are interested, please consider carefully if you have the ability to dismantle and transport it.

Thanks, Craig

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