Broken 50-inch TV (Alnwickhill EH16)

A broken 50-inch "Digihome"-branded TV. Model number ELCF501080SMART. See pictures for the input / output connections on the TV.

Was working until a few months ago when it stopped turning on. Thinking it might be a fault with the power supply board, I removed the power board from the TV (see pictures). However, inspection of the board showed no visible faults, which is about the limit of my skills! So I have given up hope of repairing it and am offering it here in the hopes that someone more technically inclined will be able to repair it!

The board I removed (which may or may not be faulty – it's the power board so where I assume the fault is but I'm not an expert!) is a VESTEL 17IPS20P. When I removed the board, I also took out the power cable to the TV since it directly connects to the above board and I thought it might come in useful for testing.

Things included:
* the TV itself
* the VESTEL power board, as described above
* the power lead that plugs directly into the VESTEL board
* the remote control for the TV
* a USB WiFi adaptor that apparently lets the TV connect to some "smart" services – I had the TV located somewhere without internet so never used the adaptor, nor any of the "smart" capabilities.
Apart from the above, nothing else is included.

Width: 105cm
Height: 68cm
Depth: around 7cm at thickest point

As this is broken, this is definitely only suitable for someone experienced in electronics repair – please bear this in mind before replying.

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