Old electric word processor (Alnwickhill EH16)

An old Sharp electric word processor / typewriter, model PA-W1410. This differs from a regular electric typewriter in that it has a screen where you type up documents in full first, before printing them on the typewriter. It's also got various other features (auto-wrap, page formatting, etc…). I believe it can also be put into a "typewriter mode" – where it functions as a regular electric typewriter (each time you press a key it prints the character).

It powers on and seems to work OK: I can type out documents and it prints them fine – so there seems to be some life in the (replaceable) in ribbon! It also has the feature to save documents onto floppy disk (rather than printing them out), however I can't get that to work. (I may include a floppy disk for testing if I can first transfer off any old / personal documents on it – for now assume it doesn't come with a disk).

I think it would have originally come with a plastic dust cover for the keyboard, but this has long been lost. Still has the original manual, though!

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