Mattress &Outdoor Project Stuff (Montgomery)

Hello! My young Adult son is in desperate need of a gently used Mattress and Box spring if anyone would happen to have one they are willing to part with. This is not something that we would generally ask for but presently in a situation to where we cannot just go by a new one and trying to get him through until we can. Mothers always want to help their children and after recently losing my job I am unable to do so at this time so I figure I would try to help this way.

With that being said losing my job has been extremely stressful. So while trying to obtain employment I have taken on a few backyard projects trying to keep myself occupied so I don’t lose my mind stressing. Crafting is definitely this Mamas therapy lol. I am in need of any outdoor items you think i could possibly do something with Heck you might think i can’t even do anything with it but i bet you i can . For example, old hose (can be broke) wood, outdoor decor, dirt, rocks, mulch, pots (any size color or kind) outdoor furniture, pavers, old fencing, lattice, paint, lights, cushions (can be ripped or not in perfect shape ) garden items etc. I am also in need of a few other random items for diy projects such as 100 bottle caps, 2x 4s (any size), miter or saws all (i know i’m going out in a limb here lol but would like to be able to cut my own items for projects instead if bothering someone to do it for me all the time) indoor/outdoor plants & flowers. I would also be willing to give starts to any of the plants I have as well. There are a few pictures attached of a couple of my beauties ❤️

Thank you to whom ever took the time to read this nervous mama rant haha. Hope you have a healthy, happy and blessed day 🙏
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