dog cage&house (Lansing)

I really need help getting a dog cage and a dog house. Is there anyone out there that is kind enough to let me have one they no longer need? I don’t care if it is dirty/gross as long as I will be able to get it clean with some good scrubbing! You are not only helping me but you are helping a dog that desperately needs it! If someone helps me here, I promise to pay it forward and do my best to help someone else with their own requests! 💕

I am looking for a dog/pet cage/carrier - whatever you want to call it. Sizes that I would be able to use are small to large. (No extra small like kitten/chihuahua size - I wouldn’t be able to use it!) Something more of a size medium is what I am wishing for the most! Any style is fine - where the whole thing is open wire or more of a closed up ‘pet taxi’ all sound great to me!

I am also looking for a LARGE outside dog house of any style, but something I will be able to lift on my own!

God bless! Stay safe!
Can you help with this request?
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