2 kids bikes (Chelsea, Mi)

Offering 2 bikes that we’ve outgrown.

1. Training wheel bike with 16 inch wheels. Giant brand. Decent condition but hasn’t been used in a few seasons. Tires seem to be holding air but you’ll want to do some cleaning and a tune up. Front reflector bracket broke off in moving so it will need a new reflector in front. Used but gently so. Has a bell!

2. Larger bike with 20 inch wheels. Giant/Liv brand, model is called Bella. Coaster brake but also has a hand brake for the rear wheel only. We used it to transition to a two hand brake bike and it’s been unused for a couple seasons. Will need cleaning and a tune up. Tires seems to be holding air. Also has a bell.

I am near Chelsea and can meet wherever we can agree is safe to do so. I will be wearing a mask and expect you do the same. We can be creative with a hand off too if you’d feel safer. Please ask any questions and I will do my best to answer them.

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