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I have have become very desperate as starting about 7 years ago I started developing a whole slew of health problems from almost losing my legs to a blood infection (that had me bed ridden for two years) then when finally able to walk again 6 months later getting a problem where they removed half of my pelvic region leaving me with a machine connected to me for a year to stretch the area back together (to connect the area because of the piece they took out) which was also horrible (basically incapacitating me another year and a half) when that was done they found out I was now diabetic and I have cancer on my kidney (which they couldn't do anything about until my pelvic region healed) so when that finally did heal I set the appointment to have the kidney removed but two days before the surgery I had a heart attack and they would not do it because of how close it was... now I am healthy enough but have no way to get myself to that or the multitude of appointments for all my problems so basically I'm asking if anyone has either a vehicle they are going to either donate or junk because they have gotten a newer one or need to free up their parking situation etc..etc, that please consider giving it to me instead
(Trust me I'm super embarrassed even asking but have run out of options at this point) all I ask is it runs (as I need it to get to doctor/hospital appointments)
Thank you for reading my post

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