Educational/Homeschooling Items (20886)

You do not need to take all. Just indicate in your email what you would like and a two hour timeframe on the day you would like to pick up.
Porch pick-up in East Montgomery Village.

(When you come to pick up your items there will also be a box of random items for free - other books, jump ropes, small puzzles, small toys, etc. Take what you want/need.)

Wordly Wise 3000 (1st Edition)

* Book 1 (Grade 4) & Answer Key - First four lessons completed in pencil

Individual Answer Keys for First Edition
Book 1 (Grade 4)
Book 2 (Grade 5)
Level 3 (Grade 6) - 2 copies

*Scholastic Resources:*
* “Everything You Need to Know About” Desk Reference Set for Grades 4-6 (English, Science, Math, American History, Geography, World History) - good condition with shelf wear
* Vocabulary Word of the Day (Grades 3-6) - excellent condition
* Success With Maps B - excellent condition

*Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting Series*
https://handwritingsuccess. com/ ( )

*Book A (6 out of 65 pages completed in pencil)
*Book F (writing on 5 pages in pencil)

*Dover Coloring Books*
Indian Tribes Of North America (about 1/3 colored)
Rackham’s Fairy Tale Coloring Book (3 pages colored)

*Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop Level A -* like new

*Games & Puzzles:*

*Also* :
Kumon Geometry & Measurement Grade 4 - writing on 8 out of 36 lessons
Scholastic U.S. Map Crosswords (Grades 4-8)
Teaching Textbooks Math 5 Answer Booklet
An Introduction to Cuisenaire Rods Booklet
U.S. Map Skills Grade 5 (a few pages completed in pencil)
World Map Skills Grade 6 - like new
Notebook United States Atlas
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