2x Lexmark L100XL Black Ink Cartridges (Morningside EH10)

2 remanufactured (i.e. not made by Lexmark) ink cartridges.

Cartridge model is L100XL BK (XL = Extra Large [i.e. more ink], BK = Black).

I found something that says they are compatible with the following printers:

Impact S300, S301, S302, S305, S308, Interact S601, S602, S605, S606, S608,
Interpret S402, S405, S408, S409,
Intuition S502, S505, S508,
Genesis S815, S816,
Prospect Pro202, Pro205, Pro208, Pro209,
Prevail Pro701, Pro702, Pro703, Pro705, Pro706,
Prestige Pro803, Pro805, Pro808,
Pinnacle Pro901,
Platinum Pro902, Pro903, Pro904, Pro905, Pro909

Any use to anyone?
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