InNeed of twin bed&mattress (North Carolina)

I really need a twin bed with matress an bedig please please help me out if you don't use yours an where going to get rid of it or your upsizing please hit your girls inbox up and I'll come pick it up an do the moving of and I'm punctule and also will have security with me so no sickos just legit offer of what I'm requesting please God bless and good mornting to all everyone enjoy your day an thank God for the simple blessings and realize how much your blessed it's alott to be thankfull for when you really think about it .my is a new day and a new chance.when one door closes another beginings that came from salty endings .heartbroken turning into soulfull rebirth and lessons that make me wise an the blessings that make me joyuious and ideas . imagination.seeing souls not race .anyway my list of thanking God could go on an on but anyways i hope who ever reads this thanks god for your blessings and be humble kind and patient and genourous for God blesses those who bless others thankyou and I really need this so if you can help me please inbox !!! #twinnbed #twinmatress #twinbeding just moved an I have little space an need all new stuff
Can you help with this request?
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