cat food, bulbs, pet bowls, new jocks and a mixed bag - DECEPTION BAY

Good evening:
I have for offer:
Tiki Cat cat food sachets – 85gms x 20
2 x Olsent screw in 9watt, 810 lumen, warm white bulbs.
3 x stainless steel small pet bowls
1 x small white anti-scoff bowl for puppies and dogs
Bag containing: 330gm Dr Oetker Royal Icing Powder (add water)
                              2 lots of freezer bags (Home brand basic ones)
                               3 x Taste of Asia Noodle boxes (add boiling water)
Also Bag containing brand new (BUT WASHED ONCE prior to not wearing), men’s Medium size jocks. 10 pairs some patterned, some plain all ALPHA brand..

Please don’t ask for everything – share the love!
Polite requests only please.
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