4 o'clock seeds (63021 - Near Sams Club)

Seeds for next year anyone? These are an annual in our area, but an easy one to grow! They virtually required no care. In fact, mind seed themselves every year and I never even have to plant anything! Mine are a hot pink mixed with some that are a bit more orangey red and then I do have yellow. I have the seeds divided between the pink/red color and the yellow. ( Although, I know at least 2 pinks seeds got in with the yellow.)

Mine get quite large and sometimes I'd have to trim them back a bit! But they will Bloom like crazy for months and attract a lot of bees and butterflies and hummingbirds.

 You can probably go ahead and decide where you want them to be next year and just sprinkle the seeds and leave them. Sounds weird, but it's what my gram always said to do it and it's the way they seed themselves for next year anyway! No digging involved.


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