Three Home Depot Custom Blind sets (10033)


     We purchased custom blinds for our new apartment, but two sets came with cosmetic damages and they got the measurement wrong the the peculiar needs of one of our windows. They ordered replacements and we did not cancel the order in time, so new ones were delivered. They neglected to take the originals for recycling so they're sitting here, ready for a window. Hope they don't have to go out in the trash. We would love to see them not go to waste. If you check out the Home Depot custom blinds link, the color that we got was Wheatfield (2850).

Here are the measurements. I'll leave a description of the windows that they will most likely fit in your apartment, especially if you happen to have a similar layout.

1. Large double window facing the bridge (bedroom or living room), inside mount. 67.5" wide, 61.5" high. Slight dent in the metal frame that holds the blinds. Could be easily covered with a valance or some other treatment. Perfectly functional, lightly for 2-3 weeks.

2. Tall window in our living room, outside mount. 31.5" wide, 61.5" high. These blinds are not damaged at all. They got the measurement wrong for the fact that our window opens inward like a door. They're perfect for an over the frame mount of a regular window this size. Perfectly functional and unused!

3. Tall window in kitchen, inside mount: 31.5" wide, 61.5" high. Inside M These blinds have a more significant dent in the metal that can again be taken care of with a valance. Perfectly functional, lightly used for 2-3 weeks.

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