High Powered (+7 to +8) glasses (Haggerston N1)

Got some high powered glasses knocking around ?

2 months back had to sleep in a yard - it wasnt SO bad, but the long suffering glasses snapped, and I couldn't find the pieces

Its been about 6 weeks now - if you've got some old glasses with pretty powerful lenses (appreciate you may not know the prescription numbers, but I'd like to try SOMEthing) - I'd REALLY appreciate it)

Bit broke from trying on online supplier - over 200 squids, and now its 'lenses delayed' so I'm getting a bit desperate

My story's in the Islington Tribune website - just type in the word eviction, and scroll to the 2 articles with a pink heart - that'd be me ;)

"Everybody knows that no means yes
 Just like
 Glasses come free on the NHS!" - The Divine Comedy

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