king bed wooden frame & mattress (Cambridge, near Western Ave)

Ethan Allen king bed frame with mattress
The model is: Ethan Allen American Impressions Sleigh Bed (see links at bottom)

king bed with these components:
• Ethan Allen wooden headboard, footboard, sides – all frame components

• special under-bed support for king beds

• Sears Serta box spring – consists of 2 twin box springs

• mattress – clean, not stained – has been protected by waterproof mattress pad, covered by regular mattress pad

• king waterproof mattress pad and king regular padded mattress pad – both are used and show signs of wear, but are serviceable

• nice model, attractive wood headboard, footboard
• spacious
• all parts except sheets are included

• wooden sideboard squeaks against the headboard if you sit up, roll over, move.
• mattress is completely clean, but is not high-end. a bit soft. I think from Bob’s Mattress.
• bed with box spring and mattress is a bit high, if you prefer closer to the floor
• king beds take up a lot of space

You must pick up, with 2 or 3 people, will need van or pickup.
You need to bring something to wrap around mattress to keep clean while moving
You must be able to keep appointment at the time we agree on.
Must wear masks, keep physical distancing.
On street-parking, 50’ narrow walkway, 7 steps to 1st floor.
Please reply with both email and phone number.

more images of this bed model (these are not photos of our bed)
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