aquarium plants (Cambridge, near Western Ave)

3 types of aquarium plants to share

Java Fern – flat leaves, young plants form along leaves, can grow tall. I have about 10-12 plants 5-9” tall and some small ones.
a link (not my photo)

Java Lace Fern –shorter – 1-2”, likes to grow on driftwood (clean type from fish store), leaves are frilled at ends. I have about a dozen.
a link (not my photo)

Java Moss – bright green, stringy – I have about a loosely packed quart of it.
a link (no connection to me)

These are all for fresh-water aquariums, not salt-water.
All of these were thriving and spreading in my freshwater tank which is on the acidic side.

Please say which ones you are interested in, and how many/much.
Pick up in Cambridge. 10 minute walk from Central Sq, in Riverside neighborhood

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