Random Household items (South Slope)

An assortment of things we no longer need:
-two area rugs
-a pop-up beach tent
-a beach chair
-a beach umbrella
-two disposable aluminum baking trays
-a 20-pound dumbell
-a purse
-a bike lock (lost the key)
-a toiletry bag
-two yoga blocks
-a bag of pens
-3 notebooks
-a mattress protector case
-a pair of earmuffs
-two large wooden shelves with metal brackets (designed to be screwed into the wall)
-3 pairs of plastic sunglasses
-a magnetic knife holder (the kind you screw into the wall)
-two wooden drawer organizers
-a window insulation kit
-a mirror
-partially used bottles of shampoo and conditioner
- a set of 4 metal coat hooks (designed to be screwed into the wall)
-a wallet
-3 partially used bottles of nail polish remover
-a glasses case
-a leather fanny pack
-a bag of tea light candles from IKEA
-a window insulation kit
-a pair of small socks
-a metal serving tray

All items available for pick-up in South Slope.

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