Orphaned felines. Owner deceased (Centrally located in 92399 zip)

I have multiple shapes, sizes, colors. Age grouops, male female and some still waiting for the drop... silver back tabbies all one family. But orphanable, large coon type that has actually devrloped human sounding words. Greetings and when confused neglected clearly states. " I dont know, " in dire need of rejuviniting idle hands in need of absolute love for awesome fur to purr a tux chick with no teeth and special feeds, a special needs born without a cerebellum( google it). A fawn rag doll. Cute kittens and a whole pride of opposum, a click of raccoons. Momma and very active baby skunks, IM just the MESSENGER for the decendents estate.. and my allergies to this wonderful little colony of deserving souls are killing me as well. No science, research, or farming to inhumanities or foreign appetites or habitual abuse and neglect.insignificant has finally departed. And my new jobs wsiting for me in NORTH CAROLINA... PLEASE COME SEE ENJOY AND ADOPT. YOU WONT REGRET IT.
Namaste, good health abundance, and fofilling love yes youre worth it.
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