Outdoor (Firepit) Table (Takoma, DC)

Outdoor table in frankly horrible condition. Figured I would post it here in case anyone wanted it prior to having both trash come and pick it up.

It used to be a beautiful table, and the center was a little fire pit, but time in the elements have taken a serious toll on it.

While the table had a wood-looking finish, it seems to actually be made of some sort of metal or synthetic material and the rain has seriously warped it. The bottom of the firepit portion has rested out and is not usable/safe.

Potentially someone could restore it? Or use the material for scrap. If interested, you must haul. It will not fit in my car. Message me for the address and when you’d like to come pick it up.

I can try to get dimensions, but it’s probably about 24” x 60” and standard dining table height (28 or 29 inches?)
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