Entire Kitchen (after 12/19) (Shoreline)

I am looking to arrange a kitchen giveaway with someone in need of it.

There's a fridge, oven, and washer/dryer unit that are all older. I will also be removing all these cabinets, the sink, and their countertops. (I will be keeping only the dishwasher)

The condition of the items isn't 'new'. They are older cabinets and appliances, but they all work. The cabinets don't have any significant water damage, but their floor boards are flaking MDF a bit. That doesn't effect much other than appearance. They are clean, fully functional, and I believe have a fresh coat of paint on them. You can put these to immediate use. This might work for someone living on a tight budget who is in need.

I am pending on the sale of this home (purchase 12/18), and I will have to get them removed immediately because I need to do a kitchen renovation to make it more suitable for my larger family before we move out of our current rental unit. Rather than wait to put them in the trash, I am posting for interest now. I'd like to arrange with someone on 12/19 or 12/20 (weekend) to take these out and hand them to you. I'll help you remove and load them.

If you are disabled, elderly, or otherwise unable to pick up on your own, let me know and I'm even happy to drop them off for you at your home. Might even be willing to install them, given good communication on your end and valid reasoning that you cannot figure out any other options. I'd really hate to see these go to the dump. Maybe we can get you a new kitchen for Christmas :D

I'm looking to give these to someone with good communication skills, I need this arranged in advanced, with a solid timeline and plan. It's fair offer policy, not first come first serve. Take your time to decide, let me know what you need it for, and what sort of help you need on my end to make this happen. Thanks so much!

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