Home-made Fermented Liquid (London SE7 - Charlton)

GIVING: Home-made fermented liquid made with a
mix of fresh vegs and some lemon. No chemicals.
100% raw & vegan.

Fermented vegetables and the liquid they are
immerse in are fantastic for cultivating the
"good" bacteria to be repopulated in our
intestines. These are far more powerful than the
commercial probiotics you find in the markets.
Those probiotics are generally sold in a number of
billions for serving and it seems a lot. However,
the number of bacteria found in fermented
vegetables are far higher according to
specialists; in particular when a variety of
vegetable have been used, as it's the case with these.

This fermented liquid has not been pasteurized as
it's the case with commercial sauerkraut, kimchi
etc. unless they are specified as "Raw", which are
rare and pricey.

You can find an informational video here:

⚠️ Please beware that this is quite powerful and
you only need a few teaspoons a day. This will
last you very looong. 😛

⚠️ There are conditions in which presence you
should avoid taking fermented foods. Here's some
info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjdxpVP7KG0

COLLECTION TIMES: 24/7 (Arranged +24hr before).

Thank YOU!

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